V02 Max Test

V02 Max Test

VO2 Max Test – 14th February 2019

To ensure my training is specific to my record attempt I underwent a VO2 test to measure the optimum rate at which my heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during cycling.

To start with my blood pressure, height and weight were measured, as well as my oxygen efficiency at rest.

Prior to the test, I was fitted with a face mask that was connected to a machine which would analyse my respiratory rate and volume alongside the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide inhaled and exhaled air, along with numerous electrodes attached to electrical wires to monitor my every movement.

The test itself started with a gentle warm up to get familiar to the face mask and then went into a ramp test, where the resistance increased every minute until exhaustion. The test is designed to cause discomfort, that didn’t disappoint, but knowing it was only for a short time was reassuring. Once I got to the point of exhaustion, the power was decreased then my recovery was recorded, more vital information for my training and recovery.

To conclude, from this test I now have the results for my functional capacity, respiratory/ventilator and cardiovascular output. Based on the figures my training HR targets have been set.